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This exclusive event is designed for tax professionals seeking a unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with industry leaders. At the Tax Colloquium, participants will delve into essential topics including Federal Income Tax Law, Business Tax Law, IRS Debt Negotiation Strategies, and more. You’ll also explore crucial aspects of Business Growth, Sales & Marketing, and Systems and Procedures. Join us to enhance your expertise and network with top professionals in the field.


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Our colloquium is distinguished by its dedication to creating a welcoming environment for networking and knowledge sharing among elite tax professionals. Join us to deepen your understanding, broaden your professional network, and explore new opportunities for business growth.

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Gain valuable insights and strategies from our five specialized classrooms, each designed to enhance your tax knowledge and skills

Federal Income Tax Law

Federal Corporate Tax Law

Debt Negotiation & IRS Audits

Technology, Sales, Marketing, Systems, Procedures, and Much more!

Business Growth and Mindset Courses


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The worst about Partnerships and LLC's - Basis

Without a doubt one of the most complicated tasks of Parrtnerships and LLCs is calculating the bases of the owners, we will explore the fundamental concepts of these commercial companies to have the basic knowledge of how they should be calculated and the strategic use of them.

The Dark Side about an S Corp - Basis

Members of an S Corporation use Form 7203 to calculate possible limitations on their share of the S Corporation’s deductions, credits, and other items that can be deducted on an individual tax return. In this segment we will analyze this Form line by line so that you have a very clear understanding to complete this important document.

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Ownership interest in a business

New Law, New Responsibilities and New Opportunities. The “Business Ownership Report” is a report that details the ownership structure of a business, including information about the owners, their shareholdings or interests, and any other relevant details about the ownership of the company, this report is Mandatory as of the January 1, 2024, and also represents an excellent opportunity for you to serve clients and prospective corporate clients.

First-Time Penalty Reduction: It's Easy, Very Easy

Removing penalties under the IRS First Time Penalty Abatement program is really a very simple and easy task, you just need to know the basics of who qualifies and what the steps are to get the IRS to remove those penalties, it is also one of the services in which you can generate significant income, many times by just making a call to the IRS or filling out a very simple form.

Analyzing the P&L & Balance Sheet without being an Accountant

These financial reports are essential in the preparation of a corporate tax return since their use is essential when reconciling Annex L and M1 as well as calculating the Basis Shareholder in an S Corporation, the instructor will be focused on training you how read and interpret these important reports as well as restructure them in case the taxpayer does not have accounting for their business.

Planning; The Art of Giving Value

If you ask 100 taxpayers if they would like to pay less taxes, 100 people will surely answer with a “YES”, there are hundreds of planning strategies to reduce the taxes payable, in this segment we will be analyzing the most basic ones and applying them basically with all types of clients. and we want to tell you that without a doubt it is one of the best paid services.

Appealing IRS Levies

Become a Hero to your clients who have tax debts with the IRS. One of the most powerful collection strategies that the IRS has are the seizures it makes to the assets of these people including their bank accounts, however knowing when and how to appeal this administrative collection process will make you a hero.

An ICO is not always the best option

This is a segment focused on analyzing specific situations of taxpayers in which they qualify for a negotiation of an Offer in Compromise but there are other elements that determine that this is not the best option.

Building your Business Plan

You can pay thousands of dollars to hire an advisor to help you create your business plan, they will likely give you a document with hundreds of pages that perhaps you will not read, much less implement. Learn how to create your business plan in just two pages that simplifies implementation and obtains positive results in your business.


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Cohan Rule

There is a very favorable strategy that we can use in favor of taxpayers who face an IRS audit and do not have enough receipts to demonstrate their business expenses, this strategy is what we know as the Cohan Rule, knowing how to use this strategy as well as the Application of commercial statistics (Biz Stats) practically allows you to have a much more favorable result for your client.

When facing a tax controversy, what should you do if the IRS considers the 1099-K as income?

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Fundamentals of Trusts and Taxes in the USA

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Due Diligence is Not Complicated, You Complicate It

The number 1 reason tax preparers receive fines from the IRS for not doing proper due diligence is their lack of knowledge of the law. The instructors in this segment are people who have dedicated much of their time to carefully studying and analyzing the law to successfully protect, defend and represent tax preparers and will be guiding you to learn how to do proper due diligence and minimize risk. from receiving penalties from the IRS. Remember, you need to know the Law but you don’t have to memorize it.

Selecting the Best Entity, Corp or LLC

Which is better, an LLC, an S Corporation or a C Corporation? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. This is a segment in which we will be focused on how to answer this question in a visual and practical way so that your client clearly identifies the differences between these three entities and makes the decision that most benefits them.

How and why to create a holding company

Exploring the benefits of establishing a Holding Company; This course analyzes the strategic and financial advantages of creating a holding company, including asset diversification, liability protection, tax efficiency, and business expansion opportunities. Learn how a holding company structure can optimize asset management and foster business growth.

I want to close my LLC, Corporation or Partnership. What are the implications?

What are the tax implications of closing a commercial company, is it that simple or are there things we have to take into consideration? Of course, if there are implications such as liquidation of assets to cancellation of business registrations, obtain practical guidance on this taxpayer action.

Successfully Negotiating an ICO

The estimated percentage of acceptance that the IRS has of the Offer in Compromise Received is less than 40%. It is a program in which all taxpayers want to qualify and only a minimum percentage achieves it. In this segment we will be analyzing real cases in which taxpayer debt was successfully negotiated under this program. This segment is focused on Practice and not Theory.

Form 433 is more than writing numbers

The IRS told me to just fill out this form and I really find it very simple, I think I’m just going to represent myself and negotiate my debt. This is an answer that taxpayers continually say, completely ignoring that to fill out this form in such a way that it benefits them in the negotiation of their debt is much more than writing numbers, there are many strategies that can be created to make the negotiation much more favorable. .

Hiring Your Ideal Employee

Learn how to do a 40-hour interview and maximize your chances of hiring your ideal employee so you can expand and grow your practice. This is a strategy that several successful Tax Pros have been implementing and achieving great results.

Cannabis is fun

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How to structure LLCs with foreign owners: Do's and Don'ts

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The Art of Selling

Creating an Accounting and Tax practice from $0 to $2,000,000 in less than 3 years. The oxygen of every business is Marketing and Sales and not doing these activities properly delays and often prevents the development of a company. Essential segment for you who want to grow your business.

Protecting your assets and family

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What are your excuses?

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Your social network can be your greatest ally

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